Our service lets you donate to over 8,000 charities in the UK 🎉

We do this by partnering with PayPal Giving Fund.

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To get started ...

All you need to do is click 'Donate Now' and search for your chosen charity.

Can't find your charity?

Sometimes you may not be able to find the charity you are looking for.

This could be due to a few of reasons, including:

  • The official name of the charity is slightly different from the name/spelling you are searching for. To find your charity's official name, you can search the charity commission website using the charity number (often found in the footer of their website or emails).
  • The charity is newly registered. Sometimes it takes a little while for the charity commission to update their database. We recommend contacting PayPal Giving Fund.
  • PayPal Giving Fund has removed the charity due to an issue with that charity's account. In this situation we are unable to support this charity and the best option is to choose a different cause.

Unfortunately we are not able to manually add charities to our list, as this is done automatically through our link with PayPal Giving Fund.

Are you a charity?

If you are a charity concerned about the issues above, we suggest you get in touch with PayPal Giving Fund. Any changes you make on their platform will automatically be reflected on Thrift+.

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