We are committed to being 100% transparent about our fees. If anything is unclear, please just ask!

As your items begin to sell, we deduct the first £5 of sales to cover the cost of outbound and inbound postage. 

After this, we charge 33% commission on successful sales

So for a typical Bag that sells £80 worth of clothes. The first £5 covers postage costs leaving £75 of remaining sales.

Thrift+ receives 33% of this = £25 commission. 

This helps us to build a truly first-class service for second-hand clothes. Below are some of the key areas where we use our funds: 

  • Sorting, pricing & preparing donations
  • Photographing & uploading items
  • Dispatching ThriftBags & arranging collections
  • Building & maintaining our online marketplace
  • Storing & managing our inventory
  • Packing & posting online orders
  • Customer service for donors, shoppers & charities
  • Spreading the word about Thrift+!
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