Asking influencers to share Thrift+ with their audiences is a brilliant way to spread the word to even more potential supporters.

For the influencer, it is a nice way to easily use their channels for a cause they care about, while also helping to promote a sustainability message about reducing waste to landfill and shopping second-hand to their followers.

To maximise the impact of their sharing, we create a unique link for each of your influencers to share with their audiences.

By using this link, you will be able to track how many clicks, orders and sales have been generated specifically from visitors who clicked on their link.

It will also mean that your charity will be pre-selected when someone donates, and your charity will earn a 10% donation from any purchases within the first 30 days.


To invite an influencer to your Thrift+ affiliate portal:

  1. Log into your charity account

  2. Click 'Get my referral link' or 'Track my referrals' in the Spreading the word section

  3. Click the 'Influencer' tab on the left hand menu

  4. Share the invite link with your influencer

They will then use the form to sign up and we will automatically generate a unique referral link for them to share.

100% of the commission they earn will be attributed to your charity.

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