We use Collect+ and DHL to get our customer Thriftbags returned to us. Whilst the vast majority of bags make it back to us, some do get lost on the way.

We understand that this is really disappointing. It is disappointing for you, for your charity and also, for us!

We are now able to offer a tiered compensation scheme:

High Street bags = £35

Premium bags = £75

Designer bags = £150

This compensation can be claimed as 100% Thrift+ credits, 100% charity donation or split 50:50 between Thrift+ credits and your chosen charity. Unfortunately, we aren't able to compensate in Farfetch credits.

If you notice that 2 weeks after sending your bag back to us, you haven't received a email notification telling you your bag has been received into the warehouse and/or your tracking states it hasn't arrived with us. Please get in touch!

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