Collect+ local drop-off

This option is free and 'paperless' - i.e. you do not need a printer!

How it works:

  1. Click your returns link and enter your ThriftBag number
  2. Select the Collect+ service
  3. You will receive a barcode via email

    Please note you will need to repeat steps 1-3 for each ThriftBag
  4. Take your ThriftBag to the drop-off point
  5. Show the barcode in your emails to the shop assistant
  6. The shop assistant will print the shipping label onto a small receipt from their Collect+ Paypoint terminal and attach this to your bag
  7. They will also tear off the bottom of the receipt and hand this to you. Please keep this - it is your important tracking information

Thrift+ Top Tip
It is useful to check that your nearest Collect+ store is convenient for you before you choose your preferred service. Click here to search for your local drop-off point.


DHL home collection

This option requires a printer.

The service costs £3.50 per bag for high street donations. For designer donations, this service is free.


  • Available Monday - Friday.
  • Not available on weekends.
  • Collection slots are 930am-5pm.
  • You are not able to choose a specific time slot, so someone will need to be at home all day (not ideal - we appreciate! We are working on improving our offering here).

How it works

  1. Click your returns link and enter your ThriftBag number
  2. Select the DHL collection service
  3. Confirm your collection address
  4. Select your collection date
  5. Enter your payment details (if required)

    Please note you will need to repeat steps 1-5 for each ThriftBag
  6. You will receive the shipping label via email
  7. Print the label and attach securely to your bag
  8. Hand the bag to your DHL courier

If you have an issue with your DHL collection, please call their helpline on 0844 248 0844


Other home collection options

We are working hard to build partnerships with the companies and services that already come to your door to make it even easier for you to return your ThriftBag.


  • If you are an Oxwash laundry customer, you can now hand your ThriftBag to your Oxwash rider next time they collect or drop off your laundry
  • Available in Oxford, Cambridge, and London
  • Not yet an Oxwash customer? Sign up here.

More collection partners coming soon...

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