Sales, discounts & offers

When selling second-hand clothes online, our aim is to sell your item as quickly as possible for a fair price. This means that the final selling price may be lower than the original listing price.

There are three ways this might happen:

  1. Sales
    We run sale events on our website to help drive traffic to the site and encourage shoppers to shop second-hand. These sales typically offer between 10-25% off the listing price.

    Selling for a lower price will impact your credits & donations, as well as our fees, but we hope you approve of our intention to help as many items sell as possible.

    In the future, we would like to make these discounts something you can opt out of when you donate. If you think this would be useful, please let us know.

  2. Discounts
    After items have been for sale on our site for a while, we will automatically start to reduce the price of the item to help it sell. This happens on a monthly basis and is typically about 10% each time.

    So, the faster your item sells, the higher the price it will achieve - so please keep telling your friends & family to shop second-hand!

  3. Offers
    You may be interested to know that each item is also listed automatically on eBay to maximise its chance of selling.

    eBay is set up differently from Thrift+ and shoppers are able to submit a 'Best Offer'. We have a careful set of rules to tell us whether to accept each offer.

    Again, our intention is to help your item sell for a fair price, so we may accept offers up to 25% depending on how long your item has been online.