Sales, discounts & offers

Our goal is to make secondhand seamless. So we’ll do what we can to sell your item as quickly as possible. We also want to introduce more shoppers to pre-loved. So we sell quality-checked secondhand clothes at fair prices. This means your item’s final selling price might be lower than the original listing price. There are three ways this could happen:


We sometimes run sales on the Thrift+ Store to help get more people to choose pre-loved. Sales tend to have a 20-30% discount off the listing price. Once an item has been on site for over a month, we start to discount more heavily to make sure the item is given a second life.


If an item has been online for over 1 month, we’ll automatically start to reduce the price to help it along. We'll reduce the price by up to 70%.


We list items on eBay alongside the Thrift+ Store to help get more eyes on them. On eBay, shoppers can submit a ‘Best Offer’. We decide whether to accept offers using a careful set of rules.

Good intentions

We totally understand that selling for a lower price will impact your points and donations. It also impacts our fees. But ultimately, we’re trying to end fashion waste. So we do everything we can to give your pre-loved clothes a second life. In future, we’d like to make discounts something you can opt out of when you donate. Let us know if you like this idea, and we’ll keep you posted. Remember, the faster an item sells, the higher the price. So keep on telling your friends and family to shop pre-loved.

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