How does Thrift+ help raise funds for charities?

73% of the UK already donate their secondhand clothes to charity. So we decided to make it even easier.

With Thrift+, you can recirculate your pre-loved clothes and donate to good causes. And it’s all hassle-free.

Our sellers order a Thrift+ Bag, fill it with their clothes and send it to our warehouse. We hand-check all their items for quality, then list them on Thrift+ and other marketplaces to resell.

Sellers can choose to support a charity that’s close to their heart. Every time an item sells, they earn Thrift+ credits to donate to their charity of choice directly from their Thrift+ account.

So far, we’ve raised over £ 1.5 million for hundreds of charities. 95% of which had not previously raised any funds from secondhand clothes.