What is Thrift+?

What is Thrift+

Thrift+ is a donation service for second-hand clothes.

How does it work?

Individuals pack up their clothes into a 'ThriftBag' and send them to us to be photographed and sold online.

How are the funds split?

Each time an item sells for more than £5, we split the proceeds three ways:

  • 33% to Thrift+ (minimum fee of £5 - click for more info)
  • 33% to the donor as Thrift+ credits
  • 33% to their chosen charity

Alternatively, the donor can choose to donate 66% to charity instead of earning any Thrift+ credits.

How many donors are using Thrift?

We have tens of thousands of donors all over the country.

How much money have you raised?

So far, we have raised over £650,000 for charity. And this number is growing fast!

Which charities can donors choose?

Our donors can choose to support almost any charity in the UK. The charity does not have to be signed up with Thrift+ to benefit from donations.

How do charities receive the funds?

We have partnered with PayPal Giving Fund to process our donations. To receive funds as quickly as possible, we recommend that charities create a PayPal account and enrol with PayPal Giving Fund.