I am missing an item from my order

There are a few different reasons why you might be missing an item from your order.

Your order is split into multiple packages

Sometimes, if you are ordering a lot of items, not all of them will fit inside one of our dispatch bags. If this is the case, we will split your order into two, and these packages may arrive at different times.

If you suspect this might be the case (because your first package was filled up!) then we suggest waiting a couple more days.

One of your items is 'out of stock'

Because every single item on Thrift+ is unique, we have a particularly challenging task of very accurately keeping track of every item in our warehouse.

Sometimes, one of the items we think is one location cannot be found. This doesn't happen very often, but when it does, it is extremely difficult to find, and we will usually have to refund the item.

If you are unlucky and this happens to an item in your order, we will send you an email to explain which item is being removed from the order and automatically refund you the price of that item.

We have made a mistake

Of course, sometimes, we may have just made a mistake when packing your order. If you are missing an item, haven't received an email from us about a cancelled item, and don't suspect it to be in a second package - please get in touch by emailing: hello@thrift.plus and let us know your order number, and which item you are missing.

We will look into it for you and, where possible, get it sent out to you immediately.