What happens after I send my ThriftBag?

Your ThriftBag will normally arrive to the Thrift+ warehouse within 3-5 days.

Once it arrives, we scan each bag and send you an email to confirm it has arrived.

It then is added to a queue of bags waiting to be processed by our highly trained team of Thrifters.

We aim to process your bag within 2 weeks of receiving it, but this can increase at busy times.

The next steps for your items:

  • Quality control. We check each item based on brand and condition. Items that pass are individually tagged with a specific ID and passed onto our photography team. Items that do not pass are donated to Barnardo's or another partner charity charity to be sold in their stores or recycled.
  • Photography. For the items that pass quality control, they are then sent to our custom built photography booths. Here, one of our Thrifter team will enter all the key information about your item and take the photos needed to sell online.
  • Pricing. After we have all the data and photographs, we use smart pricing tools that look at live online marketplaces to understand an accurate second-hand selling price for that brand and item type, which is then adjusted based on the item's condition. This price is based on real data, but it's not always perfect, so we recommend that you review and approve the prices set for your item.
  • Approval. After we've assessed the condition, added the data, taken the photos, and automatically priced your items - we ask you to check over each listing to confirm you are happy before we push your items live. Please note, it may take longer for designer items to show up on our website after you have approved their pricing, as they go through additional authentication checks. 
  • LIVE! After approval, your items are pushed live to our website & app. We also list all of our items on other online marketplaces such as eBay to maximise the chances of selling. 
  • SOLD! When your items sell, we will email you to let you know. This will include the breakdown between Charity Donation, Credit and Fees.