What happens after I send my Thrift+ Bag?

Now for the fun part—finding a new home for your clothes.

It usually takes 3-5 days for your Thrift+ Bag to arrive in our warehouse. We’ll send you an email to let you know when we’ve got it.

Next, it will be lined up ready to be checked by our team of expert Thrifters. We aim to process your bag within 2 weeks of receiving it. Sometimes this may take longer if we’ve got lots of bags to sort through.

When it’s your bag’s turn, we hand-check every item. We’re looking for:

- Well-known brands - have a look at our Brand Checker.

- Tip-top condition - clean, with no marks, stains, or rips.

- Womenswear, menswear, shoes, and accessories only.

We then split your clothes into 2 groups.


Clothes that aren’t top-drawer for resale will be donated to charity or responsibly recycled.


We list quality items on Thrift+ Store and eBay. If your items go on to resell, here’s what happens:


We photograph each item in our custom-built booths. And get all the product info we need to sell your clothes online.


We recommend a price for each item using our pricing tool. This looks at live online marketplaces. Using real data, it suggests a price that will give your particular brand and item type the best chance of selling.


These prices might not always be perfect. So we’ll give you the chance to review them before your item goes live. You can either approve prices and descriptions, or request edits.


Once you’ve given everything the green light, we list your items on our website and app. We also list them on eBay to maximise their chances of selling.

It may take a little longer for designer items to go live once you’ve approved them. We do a few extra authentication checks.

Pending sale

If your item sells, we give it a 30-day pending period. This allows time for returns. Once this period is over, your item will be officially sold.


Result. When your item sells, we’ll email you to let you know. This will include a breakdown of your charity donation, Thrift+ points and selling fees.