How does Thrift+ decide which items to accept?

Every item we receive goes through a strict quality control process to check it is the type of item we accept and is an approved brand.

After this step, we then assess the item for second-hand desirability and check for signs of wear.

A robust process helps us to build trust with our shoppers as we categorise each item correctly and highlight any issues they will need to know about before making a purchase. 

We have included how we make decisions and categorise items at the bottom of the page.

Due to the volume of clothes we process, we are not able to provide feedback on why individual items did not pass quality check, and are not able to return items. This information is something we hope to be able to offer in the near future.

What happens to items that don't pass QC?

We donate items that don't pass our quality control process to one of our charity partners who distribute the donations amongst their charity shop network to be resold or recycled.

So you can be sure that every item you donate will support a worthwhile good cause.

More information on the quality control process