Do you offer collection?

Yes, we do. No need to trek to the Post Office.

Evri home collection

This one requires a printer but is free. You’ll also need to book a work-from-home day, as you can’t choose a specific time slot.

How it works:

1. Click your returns link and enter your Thrift+ Bag number.
2. Select the Evri home collection service.
3. Confirm your collection address.
4. Select your collection date.

You will need to repeat steps 1-4 for each bag. Then:

6. You’ll receive the shipping label via email.
7. Print the label and attach it securely to your bag.
8. Hand the bag to your courier.

- Available Monday - Friday.
- Not available on weekends.
- Collection slots are 9.30am - 5pm.
- You can’t choose a specific time slot, so you’ll need to stay at home on your designated day.

Other home collection options
We’re always looking to team up with new companies and services that already come to your door. Making it even easier for you to return your Thrift+ Bag.

Just like…


Skip the returns process and just hand your bag to Oxwash.

Oxwash is an on-demand laundry service that’s saving water and lowers emissions. It’s currently available in Oxford, Cambridge, and London. Sign-up here.

If you are an Oxwash customer, all you have to do is give your Thrift+ Bag to your Oxwash rider the next time they collect or drop off your laundry.