Why has my high street item not been accepted when it was in excellent condition?

Your item may not have been accepted during our quality control process for one of the following reasons:

  • Some high street brands will only be accepted if they have their original tags - check our Brand Checker to find out if this applies to your item. 
  • We assess the estimated RRP value of an item and its second-hand desirability, if an item is likely to sell for less than £5, it may be rejected. 
  • "Basic" items do not usually pass our quality control as shoppers can easily buy these very cheaply new rather than second-hand.

Due to the volume of clothes we process, we are not able to provide feedback on why individual items did not pass quality check and are not able to return items. This information is something we hope to be able to offer in the near future.

You can still be confident your item will get a second life, as anything we cannot accept is sent to our charity partners or our recycling partners.