What clothes can I send in my recycling bag?

What clothes can I send in my recycling bag? ♻️

Send us your low-value clothes which are unsuitable for resale and we’ll ensure they’re re-used or recycled responsibly.

It's best to fill your bag with fast fashion, damaged and low-value clothes that are not suitable for re-sale

✅ Here are some examples of clothes we accept: 

  • T-shirts 👕
  • Jeans 👖
  • Socks 🧦
  • Pyjamas 💤
  • Sportswear 🤾

🚫  We will not be able to accept the following items

  • Odd shoes 👞 👟
  • Underwear or bedding with stains or heavy use 👎
  • Scraps of fabrics 🗑
  • Polyester duvets and pillows  🛏
  • Contaminated items – containing paints, moulds or other substances that may be toxic ☢️