What happens to my clothes?

What happens to my clothes when I send in my recycling bag? 💭

We only work with distributors who can provide assurance and transparent reporting around the re-use and responsible processing of your clothes. 

How does it work? 🛠

We sort and process your clothes to determine the best destination for them:

  • Items good enough to wear are sent for re-use, the most sustainable option 👖
  • Any items not suitable for re-use are upcycled or recycled ( i.e. into professional cleaning and packaging materials) ♻️
  • A small amount may go to energy from waste ⚡️
  • Nothing will go to landfill ✅

Will my clothes be sent abroad for re-use? 🗺

Yes, some clothes will be sent abroad to countries where there is higher demand.  

Re-use is the most sustainable option for clothing that can be worn, and clothes sent abroad are carefully sorted and cleaned. We only work with distributors who can provide assurance around re-use and responsible processing. For example, we do not send clothes to Ghana, where there are known stewardship issues with some distributors.

Why is re-use better than recycling?

Numerous studies have shown that re-using clothes helps displace demand for new products and typically requires less energy than recycling or remanufacturing. Re-using clothes ensures they will have the least impact possible. 

📖   More information on the waste hierarchy from Defra here

📖   Supporting studies on reuse and recycling here