How we process and send your charity donations

We make all your donations through PayPal Giving Fund. They run donation programmes for eBay, GoFundMe and Facebook. So your pre-loved proceeds are in safe hands.

How it works

We process donations every month. When PayPal receives your donation, they’ll email you a receipt. Then they send the funds to your chosen charity. We’ll also send you a confirmation email once your donations have been made. 

How long it takes

If your charity is enrolled with PayPal Giving Fund, they should receive the donation within 15-45 days. If they haven’t signed up with PayPal, it could take a little longer. PayPal will contact the charity inviting them to sign up and receive their donation or send them a cheque after 90 days.

It’s rare, but if PayPal can’t find your chosen charity, they’ll reach out to let you know. Then help you reassign the funds to a similar cause.