How we process and send your charity donations

We make all your donations through PayPal Giving Fund. They run donation programmes for eBay, GoFundMe and Facebook. So your pre-loved proceeds are in safe hands.

How it works

We process donations every month. When PayPal receives your donation, they’ll email you a receipt. Then they send the funds to your chosen charity.

We’ll also send you a confirmation email once your donations have been made. You can click on the ‘Track your donation’ link in the email to check the details.

You can also enter the Transaction ID from your PayPal receipt into their Giving Fund donation tracker.

How long it takes

We wait 30 days after your item sells before making a donation to allow for returns.

If your charity is enrolled with PayPal Giving Fund, they should receive the donation within 15-45 days. If they haven’t signed up with PayPal, it could take a little longer. PayPal will contact the charity inviting them to sign up and receive their donation or send them a cheque after 90 days.

It’s rare, but if PayPal can’t find your chosen charity, they’ll reach out to let you know. Then help you reassign the funds to a similar cause.