How and when will my charity receive its donations?

We make donations through PayPal Giving Fund. This makes it quick and easy for your charity to access funds raised through Thrift+.

Here’s how it works.

You’ll receive your donations much faster if your charity is enrolled with PayPal Giving Fund. You can sign up here if you haven’t already.

We process all of your donations monthly. If you’re enrolled with PayPal Giving Fund, you should receive the funds in your PayPal account 15-45 days after we process the donations.

If your charity isn’t enrolled, PayPal Giving Fund will notify you of any pending donations and invite you to sign up. Otherwise, PayPal will send a cheque to your charity’s registered address after 90 days.

You can log into your PayPal Account at any time to track donations from Thrift+.

Since we donate to almost 6,000 charities, we’re looking to speed up how we process donations. We’re currently working on automating the process, so you can receive your funds on a more regular basis.