Account Updates

We've made some big improvements recently. Here's what's changed:

Shiny bags, speedy process.

We've got shiny new bags and a slick returns process. It's easier than ever. 

Just scan the QR code. Pick a free returns service. Post. Done. 

Free home collection.

From your house to our (ware)house. For free. 

You can now get free home collection for all Thrift+ Bags. Simply scan your QR code to pick a time and place for a date with the courier.

More account control.

You asked. We heard. 

Redeem credits on partner rewards. Donate directly to your favourite charity. Shop pre-loved pieces. All from your account.

Donate direct.

The power is in your hands. 

Choose your favourite charity. Donate any time, directly from your account. Just head to your 'My Credits' section. Plus, automate your donations so you don't have to lift a finger. 

What next?

Sent bags in before? Head to your account and click 'My Credits' to save your new preferences.

Your first time clearing out? Order a Thrift+ Bag and experience the improvements.