What fees does Thrift+ charge?

We are committed to being 100% transparent about our fees. If you have any questions, please just ask!


We charge 33% commission on successful sales with a minimum fee of £5.


Don't worry, at least £1 per sale will go to your chosen charity, which will ensure that we are always at least as effective as a high street charity shop.

We do not charge anything up front - fees are deducted from the sale amounts.

Here are a few examples:

  • For an item that sells for £30 - Thrift+, the charity, and the donor each receive £10.
  • For an item that sells for £10 - Thrift+ charges £5, and the charity & donor each receive £2.50. 
  • For an item that sells for £5 or less - we donate £1 to charity (this is our minimum donation), then the remainder of the sale price is used for Thrift+ fees to cover the cost of processing. In the future, we recommend donating these items to your local charity shop to be resold or recycled.

This helps us to build a truly first-class service for second-hand clothes. Below are some of the key areas where we use our funds: 

  • Sorting, pricing & preparing donations
  • Photographing & uploading items
  • Dispatching ThriftBags & arranging collections
  • Building & maintaining our online marketplace
  • Storing & managing our inventory
  • Packing & posting online orders
  • Customer service for donors, shoppers & charities
  • Spreading the word about Thrift+!