What fees does Thrift+ charge?

We’re committed to being 100% transparent about our fees. If you have any questions, just ask.

Here's how our fees break down:

Item Sale Price

Less than £4.99

From £5 - £49.99

More than £50

Seller Payout




No more fussy maths calculations. Now, you’ll know exactly how many credits you can expect to earn for each sale.

What do we spend those fees on?

Our fees keep the Thrift+ engine running smoothly. Here are some of the key areas they fund:

- Sorting, pricing & preparing items.

- Photographing & uploading items.

- Dispatching Thrift+ Bags & arranging collections.

- Building & maintaining our online marketplace.

- Storing & managing our inventory.

- Packing & posting online orders.

- Customer service for sellers, buyers & charities.

- Spreading the word about Thrift+.

And all of that is helping us end fashion waste. So far, we’ve worked with our community to recirculate over 500K clothes and donate over £1.5 million to charity.