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My item sold for less than I expected
My item sold for less than I expected

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At Thrift+, we’re helping to solve fashion waste by making wardrobe clearouts easier and more transparent. Once we process and list your Thrift+ Bag, we aim to give your clothes, shoes and accessories the best chance of finding a new home.

Sometimes we’re not able to find a shopper who wants to buy your pieces straight away, so we offer discounts to encourage sales. If your items don't sell at the initial price, despite being listed with Thrift+ and our partner sales channels like eBay, which has millions of fashion shoppers, we'll gradually discount your item to help it sell.

Even though this means your items might sell for a lower price, we think finding them a new home is still a good result. The alternative is having to ‘retire’ them and send them for recycling. While we work with reputable textile recyclers, the reality is that once items are sent to partners, we are not able to fully track where they’ll end up. So we do everything we can do to get your pieces directly into the hands of someone who’ll enjoy wearing them and giving them a second life.

If you have any questions, get in touch with us from your dashboard by clicking here to log in and send us a message. We'll be happy to help.

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