How do I exchange my credits for a voucher?

How do I spend my points?

There are three ways to spend the proceeds of your sales:

1. Shop pre-loved fashion on the Thrift+ Store.
2. Redeem on vouchers with our partners.
3. Donate to a charity of your choice.

How to spend points on the Thrift+ Store.

First up, you need to log into your Thrift+ account. Then you can simply shop as normal on the Thrift+ Store.

Add pre-loved gems to your basket. When you check out, you’ll see a points slider. Use the slider to select the number of points you want to use for your discount.

Click ‘Redeem’. A discount code will be automatically applied to your order total. Continue to checkout, and that’s it. You’ve just scored even more of a steal.

Don’t have enough points to cover the item you want? You can pay for the rest using a PayPal account or debit/credit card.

A few extras to keep in mind:
- Discounts can’t be applied to shipping costs.
- Points can’t be used alongside other discount codes.
- You’ll have 30 days to return anything you’re not happy with. If you need a refund, we’ll return the points spent on that item to your account.

How to redeem points on vouchers with our Partners.

Again, you need to log into your Thrift+ account first.

Next, either visit the Thrift+ Rewards Store or click the ‘My Credits’ link followed by 'Visit the Rewards Store' in your account page. Choose where you want to spend your points.

When you've chosen your reward, click ‘Claim’ and then on the pop-up click 'Claim Reward' and you're.

If you would like multiple vouchers, just repeat the process to pay for the additional vouchers. It's that simple.

We’ll send you a confirmation email and you’ll receive your e-gift card within 48 hours. You can check T&Cs in the email.

How to donate points to charity.

Instead of earning points to spend, you can donate your pre-loved proceeds to charity from your account.

Again, you need to log into your Thrift+ account first.

Next, visit the 'My Credits' section in your account page. From here you can select the number of credits and charity that you'll like to donate to and then click on the 'Donate Credits' button and your donation is on its way to your chosen charity.

Need any extra help? We’re always happy to chat. Just email