Once your order is refunded you'll receive a refund confirmation email.

Here's how refunds work:

- Cash payments should show on your original payment method in 5-7 days

- Credits will be refunded to the Thrift+ Gift Card  used for the order (not to your Thrift+ account)

How to find your refunded Gift Card:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click the yellow 'Rewards' button in bottom-left of your screen. (If you're on mobile, look out for the little present icon).

3. Hit 'Your rewards' and you'll be able to find your most recent Gift Card reference again. 

3. Copy your code and head to the checkout. 

  1. Add the code to the discount code box at checkout.

Want to know how much you've got left to spend on your gift card?

Simply enter it as checkout and click on 'Apply' to see how much you've got (this won't be redeemed until your fully checkout).